45 days until Amsterdam

So terribly sorry loyal readers! I realize that it has been nearly a month since I wrote anything. It’s been a busy time. We’re trying to learn a little bit of Dutch. I realize that English is very widely spoken in the Netherlands, but I really don’t want to be that guy, so it’s cool that my wife and I are trying to pick up a bit. One thing that I can tell you is that speaking some German is helpful as far as reading goes, but when it comes to speaking it, Christ I sound like the voice of occupation. Ridiculous! The best part was the reaction we had when my wife pointed out that the phrase for “I speak a little Dutch” sounds like it has the word “baconator” in it. It was funny as shit. I still laugh thinking about it.

Now that is not to denigrate the language. I think it’s a lovely language, and I don’t want to sound like a dick or nothing.

Side note: Shakira is fuckin’ funny. It’s ridiculous.

Usher is also way more likable than I thought he would have been.

Anyway, so in other news, we have been crushing the gym at least 5 or 6 times a week, so that’s cool. Eating clean and perfecting the vaporizer technique. I think I’ve got it down. Now no disrespect to the blunt, but the vaporizer is seriously the shit. Being able to taste the weed rather than just smoke. Admittely though, I can’t wait to get blunted in Amsterdam and I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather do that with. Plus a friend from work may blast into town for a few days.

We might not have kids or that whole experience, but disposable income makes trips like this a fact! And that’s awesome.

work has been such a fuckin grind lately, I am so looking forward to it!


66 Days

… and remember this: whatever they offer, I will beat, because I like living…
-Tyrian Lannister

I am out of my mind high right now. I have to tell you right now that I am thoroughly enjoying Game of Thrones. I have to admit that there is a ridiculous amount of geeky awesomeness on this show. I knew that there was something familiar about Ned Stark’s voice. I also knew that the title screen reminded me a ton of Elder Scrolls IV oblivion. It finally hit me that the actor playing Ned Stark also voiced the character Martin Septim in Elder Scrolls.

The show is also fantastic. You really get that whole pseudo-Medieval fantasy thing like down.

Also as much as I want to hate the Dothraki, they are just goddamn intense.

I also am thoroughly enjoying the vaporizer. I also made it to the gym twice in a row. That was a good time. I’m also super excited for the trip! I can’t wait to see the Rijksmuseum, Leidesplein, Anne Frank Huis, and so much of beautiful Amsterdam. And then after the Van Gogh museum, the coffeeshops. That is going to be phenomenal.

In 66 days.

70 days!

So, did you ever notice how fantastic food is when you’re baked? It’s ridiculous how fantastic it is. I mean seriously. Embarrassingly enough, we’re watching Dead Files, and it’s at the part where you see the tail end of Ghost Adventures. That show is ridiculous. They always uncover what could be…
The gate

It’s ridiculous. They find it in every single episode. It sounds more like a huge airport with all the gates they find. Ridiculous. And then Dead Files comes on, and it’s just tremendous. I also would like to reiterate my excitement for the trip! 70 days!!

71 days!!

So it occurred to me that it would be neat to say something in Dutch to start things off. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough Dutch yet as to do that. I’m waiting for my Dutch language lessons to arrive. To be fair, it’s a pretty piss poor excuse. I also haven’t got much in the way of an excuse as to why I haven’t written in a few days. I also haven’t made it to the gym much either. Which kind of sucks. But hey you know what? There’s a new pope. I’m going to withhold commentary on that.

Anyway, so yeah, work has been a world class grind lately. I also found out that the most senior person where I work basically thinks my team is a joke. What’s sad is that there are people who want to hear me freak out and go off on a rant about what a dick the guy is. And you know what? He is. But that’s really not for me to opine on. I can’t speak to the guy’s intentions or anything like that. I don’t know what he may or may not have said. With that said, even if he said it, I can’t know to whom he said it or why he did. I don’t know what pressure might have been on him. Even in light of that, I feel like it’s still a lot of shit.

And also I’ve been out of weed for days. What the shit?? 71 days!!!
Commence jump prep. Mr. Gaeta, start the count!

75 days!!!

So it’s been a few days. After I lost count, I also got stupidly busy. I could definitely do without being stupidly busy, but hey… it is what it is. Anyway, so between then and now, an outstanding acquisition was made. We scored a vaporizer. Let me tell you that if you’ve never vaped, you are seriously missing out. That shit is intense! I read some things on the interweb about it, and the consensus was hard to find. Not a lot of articulate stoners. Which seems sad to me.

Anyway, so I found that we didn’t go through nearly as much weed as we normally would to get as stoned as we did. I was too high to even attempt video games. Now that’s baked!!

Oh and also 75 days until the fun begins!!

math is hard! (it’s really not; I’m just daft)

Holy crap! It just occurred to me that I am a moron! So there I was thinking we have 82 days until Amsterdam, but actually it’ 79 days! That’s considerably more awesome than I realized! I wish that was just super baked and that was why I fucked it up, but sadly, it isn’t the case at all. It’s a lot of ass to kick, but somebody’s gotta do it! Even more exciting is that we actually leave in 78 days, but it’s an overnight flight, so I’m sticking with 79. I am so excited!

83 more days

So it won’t be the same time when I publish this as it was when I wrote it. I swear to God that I started writing it at 4:20. While we were watching the last episodes of Battlestar Galactica and eating pigs-in a-blanket (which were delicious), we burned up a few bowls. Life is good.

We’re up to that part of the season where the Galactica is dying, but she’s got one last good fight in her, and you can be assured that the Admiral has one last good fight planned for the old girl. So it’s come to that point where the Admiral and Starbuck lay down the red tape down the middle of the hangar deck. I’m looking forward to the speech. There’s something awesome about how they all have to report to the hangar deck to declare themselves either to be staying with the fleet or staying on the Battlestar to take the fight to the Cylons.

Let there be no illusions. This is likely to be a one way trip, so don’t make your choice out of emotion or sentiment.

Volunteers to the starboard. Everyone else to the port.

Make your choice.

It’s a very powerful scene. There is a sense of duty and honor, and even Gaius Baltar, wretched man that he is looking at his last chance for redemption. He knows that he must go, but wishes that there could be any other way. But there isn’t. He has led an awful and self serving life, but he understands what the right thing to do is, and he is willing to lay down his life for it. No matter what manner of a life a man has led, no matter how noble or honorable, cowardly or dishonorable, his willingness to lay it down for someone other than himself puts him on the level.

And now Gaius is contemplating and pondering just what he should do. If he goes, it runs completely against self preservation, which has been his defining characteristic. In that sense, his willingness to give his life is a redefining act.

This is going to be a gun battle. God save the Colonies.

That being said, holy stoned I’m shit.

The best line was: if we’re not there in 12 hours, we won’t be coming.

Damn I love this show. It has been a great way to bring us to having 83 days left until Amsterdam!